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The new AT-602 kit from dV Flight Technologies! (10Mb)

The latest!

My "engineering prototype" Flying Pancake, or Zimmer Skimmer, showing off differential thrust!(5Mb)

Ivan's Catalina with retractable wingtip floats; typical excellence!(5Mb)

Ivan's Shorts Solent. Beautiful. (5Mb)

Geof Smith's Vamoose beta build maiden flight. Arriving soon at! (4.5Mb)

A trio of Sonic Liners at the Chilliwack 8/04 Fly-in (stewardess..where's the barf bag?) (5Mb)

Thomas Manson shows us what some F3, imagination, and lots of 3D practice can bring. (5Mb)

Rudderman98 and Ivan Pettigrew share the air with their enormous Martin Mars water bombers. (5Mb)

Shuswap Lake Aero Modelers Fall Classic was a little windy on Saturday (ever seen a floatplane land backwards?) (2.5Mb)


Fokker Triplane, CDROM brushless motor, Lipoly's...Look out! (4Mb)

More Fokker Triplane on CDROM brushless motor! (4Mb)

Kits now available! IPS-powered 3D'er ! (10Mb)

Kits now available!

My Fokker Triplane buzzes the US Navy! (9Mb)

Featured Movie

Roger Winger's new DR107 (15Mb)
Can you say "Agile"?

Chilliwack Red Barns Indoor Fly-in, February 2004

My new IPS 3D machine (6.5Mb)

Martin Hunter's modified Sig Antoinette (3.5Mb)

Jonathan's pylon race winner (2.5Mb)

Martin's Dumas Tigermoth conversion (4Mb)

The speed spectrum is covered well in this clip! (8.5Mb)

The new Radix 3D kit from Ultrafly! (5Mb)


Minimax on antiques... (3Mb)

Picostik FD on floats...(3Mb)

Uberflohwasserflugzeug! (6Mb)

Jonathan's GP Triplane e-conversion! (5.6Mb)

Chilliwack Electric Fly-in, August 2003

Matt's Avro Arrow (13.6Mb)

Steve's modified Kyosho F-16 (3Mb)

Ivan's Pearse Flyer (9Mb)

Hal's Shorts Sealand (3Mb)

Roger Winger's Whisper (5Mb)

Whisper plans available! Check out Roger's site!

Ivan's Mosquito (10Mb)

More of Ivan's Mosquito (5Mb)

Hal's CL215 (8Mb)

Ivan's PBY Catalina (10Mb)

Ron Dodd's 30% Fokker DR-1 (9Mb)

Chilliwack May 2003 Electric Fly-in.

Dreamer's Ryan

Dreamer's C-180 w/flaps!

Grant Lord's Spitfire

This movie was shot from the air at the
Mission SMALL rally, July 2003.

This movie was shot from the air at the local high school.


New! Jackknife prototype

Jackknife, wringing it out!

And more to come!

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